IBiC is an industrial business incubator and accelerator that works in close collaboration with companies in Chile, and is headquartered in Santiago.

IBiC transfer new technologies from mainly Scandinavia and the northern region of Europe into Latin and South America.

IBiC is also looking for new technologies and innovations worldwide for studies, evaluations and site visits.



IBiC support strong investor´s search for new technologies and innovations that are in the forefront of industrial development. Investors focus is to find and buy new technologies and integrate these new technologies into their own industries.



A common scenario might be that investors assign Ibic to find solutions for specific needs.
Ibic is looking for companies on the world market that sell technology, or parts of industrial solutions or total industrial plants that meet our customers' needs.

In common collaboration with the investor (the buyer) and the investors' technical engineers and CFO, we do an evaluation of the technology and all economic aspects. After approved results where technical and financial aspects as well as logistics are satisfying, an agreement is signed between the buyer and the seller on the transfer of the technology.

The technology will be built up and integrated into the buyer's existing industrial operations in South and Latin America.



All companies we visit in Scandinavia and the region of Northern Europe and the rest of the world must have their facilities and techniques in place to conduct a study and a visit by investors and their engineers on site.

How we proceed forward and how we work.

An agreement is signed between Ibic and the selling party to proceed to direct contact with the investor's engineers and financial personnel.


Ibic and our investors work quickly and efficiently with evaluation, onsite visits, and agreements, financial and technical transfer.
"Ibic and our investors do not want to waste time neither for you nor for us. Together we are moving towards a quick business end."


Ibic - "Industrial business incubator and accelerator" is headquartered in Santiago, Chile.
Business languages ​​are English, Spanish, Swedish and German."


If you have any questions or would like further information or want access to immediate personal dialogue, please contact us at;

Costanera Center, Providencia, Santiago.